AnnabelOCT_2014_18I  spent my childhood in Kenya and the magic of Africa has lived strongly in me ever since. It has inevitably contributed to the deep love I have for the natural world and the importance of  honouring the interconnectedness of all things. As a teenager I was brought up on a small holding in North Yorkshire.

“the awakened animal consciousness whose wild intelligence renews our passion for life, for nature, and completes our sensibilities so that we can live as equals in the web of all life as human animals, alive to the very core of our being.”  Deena Metzger

I recently completed one year of mentoring with ecopoet Helen Moore in which I deepened my connection with the natural world through writing poetry. https://www.helenmoorepoet.com/wild-ways-to-writing.

Back in 1994 when in my late twenties I spent 9 months living with a Hindu family in Northern India during which I experienced a kundalini awakening. The difficult passage in the years following this led  me to become one of the founding members of the Spiritual Crisis Network. http://www.spiritualcrisisnetwork.org.uk.

I talk about spiritual crisis in an interview on conscious tv, see below;

Waterfalls in Wales 031

My spiritual life is fed by the natural world as well as a regular meditative practise. I’ve recorded my dreams daily for most of my adult life and this channel has always been a wonderful source of guidance. I mark and celebrate the different seasons of the year. Yoga, dance and walks out in nature are essential elements towards my well being and I have recently started a project to visit/honour the sacred springs/wells of the British Isles. I’m a member of Tree Sisters https://treesisters.org/,  a supporter of the stop Ecocide Campaign and an Earth Protector https://www.stopecocide.earth/become.

I’m an active member of Sacred Earth Activists and my main focus has been to honour the waters of the British Isles and the world through prayer and ceremony. I recently interviewed Manda Scott about “How can Boudica be an Inspiration for Present Day Sacred Earth Activists”. https://www.sacredearthactivism.org/