Some poems by Annabel Hollis

Thresholds  (27th October 2014)

Spiralling into
increasing years
a greening tree
dances across
a blue sky.

From her fruit
laden branches
tiny seeds
drop into
earth’s dark.

New doors open
at every phase.
Embrace the threshold
that is yours
with courage.

Let compassion
soften the fears
of what might be.
Surrender into
your essence.

which knows
no limits
sits at your centre
a shining jewel.


Womb Prayer   (13th December 2012)

She loves my attention
Opens like
A subterranean flower
And exotic

Her petals leap
Into space
Fragrant and
Velvet soft

Oh infinite dark
Bottomless well
Strip me bare

Let your waters
Wash me clean
From old hurts
So I might
Shine anew

Oh creative matrix
Queen of queens
Carry my soul
Safely through
The Birth gates!


Bone Bare Radiance ( 23rd Sept 2012)

Autumn is here!
Leaves of conditioning
fed by the lies
of a long season
Are dying!
Under the canopy
on fire with
its own death
Truth shines
through misery’s curtain.
Love shows
her sweet face through
the bone bare radiance
of our being
At last!

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