I’m available to give public talks in both private and public settings. Rates negotiable.

Coming Home to Earth. Talk re own experience of spiritual crisis. Aquarius Severn. Isbourne Holistic Centre, Cheltenham. 24th April 2014.

“Annabel gave an excellent talk for Aquarius Severn on her personal experience of Spiritual Crisis. Her honesty and openness about the highs and lows of her journey, and how she has learnt to manage her interior states, was inspiring and gives hope… ” Graham Boston (Web design, SEO courses)

The gift of psychosis. Independence Trust, Stroud. 4th Dec 2013.

“Coming Home to Earth” 4th April 2013. Sacred  Traditions group facilitated by Neesa Copple. My healing journey through psychiatry and out the other end. Gloucester.

“Coming Home to Earth”, a talk re my relationship with earth & body,
Red Hearth House. Stroud. 16th May 2012

Book Launch. “Coming Home to Earth – Seeing the World Anew”
Star Anise Café. Stroud. 8th Sept 2011

“Living a Creative and Passionate Life”
A  2 hour talk at the Isbourne Holistic Centre. Cheltenham, 23rd June 2011.

Above talk also given in 2010 at Aquarius Severn (Cheltenham astrology group), and the  Isbourne Holistic Centre, June 2010 and Sept 2010 respectively.

“True Stories Told Live.”
Awakening in India. Star Anise Café. 8th April 2011

“The Wisdom and Creative Power of Dreams.”
Imagine…Therapeutic Arts. Centre for Science and Art, Stroud. Feb 2010.
“ This was a skilled and thought provoking evening, and we would be very pleased to invite Annabel for future engagements.”
Anita Tattersfield, a facilitator at the IMAGINE Therapeutic Arts Project.

“Introduction to the Spiritual Crisis Network”
Book launch of “Madness, Mystery and the Survival of God”
By Isabel Clarke. The Crypt, St. Marylebone Church, London. Dec 2008.

Stroud FM, radio interview.
“The Art Lot”, with Swithin Fry
Oct 2008.

Talk to counsellors, psychotherapists.
Taunton Association for Psychodynamics.
Sept 2007
“Annabel gave a talk to TAP which was very well received.”
Pamela Ive, Chair.

Talk to medical students.
Taunton Somerset Partnership NHS
March 2006, Sept 2006
“We all found your presentation most enjoyable and stimulating.” Dr J.C. Rossiter, Consultant.”

“Embracing the darkness”
Christian Community, Stroud. Jan 2006

Psychosis and Spirituality Conference
King Alfred College,  Winchester. Sept 2001.